12 things that would’ve happened if José Rizal were a millennial today

Have you ever wondered what would’ve happened if Jose Rizal were still alive and living as a millennial today?


1. He’d probably look like one of those dapper hipsters we see today.

via memegenerator.net
via memegenerator.net / Justine Cruz


2. Rizal would be your “Mr. Suave” that makes plain denim jacket, jeans, and sunglasses the total package to look like dream man!

Extra pogi points for all his “titles.” 👌💯


3. He’d be active on social media — voicing out his opinions and sentiments online.

Rizal Twitter


4. Rizal and his “squad”: Marcelo H. del Pilar, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Antonio Luna, Mariano Ponce, Jose Maria Panganiban, and many more, would be the definition of #squadgoals.

via Team Manila Lifestyle

Their group chat name would be “The Solidarity.”


5. You’d probably see him and his squad in high-end bars — either drinking wine or chugging down a glass of malt beer while telling a story about a girl he met on Tinder.

via Lord of the Nerds
via Lord of the Nerds


6. Seeing the youth he once referred to as “the hope of this nation” doing stupid things on social media:

Rizal Post 1


7. He’d still be the same “breezy” guy who’s always matinik to all women!

Rizal Post 2


8. His Instagram stories would probably look like this:

Rizal IG story 2
via Pinterest / InqPOP!


9. Well, who knows! He might even join the Snapchat flower crown hype!


10. His poetry would always be featured in Poems Porn.

poems porn post

Or he’d probably be one of the admins.


11. His Instagram feed would have all of his marvelous travels across Europe and other countries around the globe.

via NightNight Blog / sofiatome
via NightNight Blog / sofiatome

Definitely #feedgoals and worthy to follow!


12. He’d still probably use his influence, even on social media, to elicit awareness among his countrymen and talk about the injustice happening in the country. 

via @tweetnirizal on Twitter
via @tweetnirizal on Twitter

He definitely wouldn’t be a “troll” or any kinds of “tards” we see today.

Thank you, Dr. José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda!

via dimawari Deviantart
via dimawari Deviantart

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