New York commuters wade through flooded subways due to torrential rain

New York residents on their way to work yesterday faced torrential rains, flooded streets, and a subway commute that became even more hellish as floodwater rained on them from above the stations. As if Mondays weren’t hard enough.

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Commuters took to Twitter to post videos and pictures of the water falling from the street into the subway station:

One video taken at the 145th street in Broadway shows the water pouring in from the staircase:

Can you imagine getting off the train and immediately getting thoroughly soaked with water from the grimy streets of New York?

The water eventually made it inside the trains themselves. That’s right—even inside the subway cars.

But as we all know, New Yorkers are tough as hell. Commuters waded through the waters like it was normal. Some were even able to make jokes about the situation:

Here’s to hoping their city government actually does something about the situation!

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