Just 10 tweets about the ‘365 days’ of January

It’s finally February today, you guys. We made it! We made it past the “365 days” of January!

Did you get the feeling that January would never end like the rest of us? You probably did. So many things has happened and yet only 31 days has passed since we welcomed the year. Here are 10 funny and relatable tweets about the month (Really? Was it only a month?):

1. As the month dragged on, we all kept asking ourselves:

2. And it didn’t help that there were five Mondays this month. Why? Why did 2018 have to start like this?

3. Third week? More like third month!

4. It just really felt like it was going on for far too long, you know?

5. Yesterday, the last day, we all woke up feeling like Jean Valjean singing “One Day More”.

6. Some even wanted to have a countdown to say goodbye to the month, like the way we welcomed it.

7. But like we said, it’s finally February. We made it!

8. Some people think January was just a trial month.

9.  But if it were, it would be one of those computer software trial periods that are longer than what they say. We’re looking at you, WinRar.

10. But hey, it’s done and we’re ready to put it behind us.



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