Internet famous penguin ‘Grape-kun’ got reunited with his anime wife as a cardboard cutout

Last year, the story of Japan’s celebrity penguin named Grape-kun and his anime waifu Hululu touched many hearts because of their unique romance.

Grape-kun was a 20-year-old Humboldt penguin at Tobu Zoo in Saitama, Japan. He gained online fame when zookeepers noticed him obsessing over a cardboard cutout of an anime character. After his penguin mate traded him for a younger penguin, Grape-kun turned to a cardboard cutout of Hululu, an anime character who looks like a Humboldt penguin from the series “Kemono Friends”.

Grape-kun’s unlikely adoration towards his “cardboard soulmate” earned people’s attention online and even got him to meet the voice actress of Hululu in the anime.

Sadly, due to poor health conditions, Grape-kun passed away last year and broke the hearts of his fans. Tobu Zoo announce his death on Twitter saying: “The Humboldt penguin Grape-kun passed away yesterday. Sincere thanks to everyone for supporting him until now. Thank you also to Hululu, who watched over him until the very end. And thank you, Grape-kun, for all this time. Rest peacefully in heaven.

But fans were cheered somehow when Tobu Zoo tweeted a photo of Grape-kun and Hululu — now together in a cutout cardboard.

People are happy that the two have been reunited even as a  cardboard cutout and that Grape-kun will never be lonely again.



via Tenor