24 Things that are way scarier than Halloween for Pinoys

1. Attachment, commitment, relationship—everything that involves engagement or obligation.

via Giphy


2. All the responsibilities in life that we all want to ignore.

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3. Basically, adulthood in general.

via Tenor


4. This includes workload and emails you get even on weekends and holidays.

via Metro


5. The impending due date of all the bills you have to pay.

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Alma Moreno be like: “BILLS!”


6. Your bank account balance “ghosting” you.

via Joel Legaspi / InqPOP!


7. Your life hanging by the thread every “Petsa de peligro”.

Screenshot from YouTube / Star CInema

Kapit lang, bes.


8. Everything in your Nanay’s “Pamalo Starter Pack”.

via Facebook: Naic Vaper’s Club – NVC

“I’m sorry, Ma! Yoko na.”


9. Whenever your mom texts you: “Asan ka na? Bat wala ka pa? Umuwi ka na!”


10. When you receive a text message in ALL CAPS!



11. Or when she’s starting to shout your full name!

Must be so difficult for Dr. Jose Rizal’s mom.


12.When your crush is typing too long on a chat.

Reply ba or novel yung tina-type nya?


13. “Sorry, wala na pong thigh part”.

Willing to wait po ba sila?


14. Every time your mom tells you to wait for her at the counter and she still hasn’t come back yet when you’re next in line.

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“Ma, titira na ba ‘ko dito?”


15. Seeing all the “SALE” banners in malls right after you got your sweldo.

via Know Your Meme


16. The horror of looking at your TAX on your payslip…

…and knowing that it’s used to pay for undeserving government employees’ salary.


17. People in MRT/LRT rushing towards inside the train like the zombies in Train to Busan.

via Zirev


18. The traffic not moving at all in EDSA like a dead person.

via YouTube / Quantum Films

Commuter: RIP me


19. When Waze is not working and Sarah G starts singing to you:

via Giphy / YouTube / Viva Records

Me to Uber/Grab driver: Kuya san na tayo? Hahahuhu IYAQ.


20. Classes and government offices’ work getting suspended and private sector employees are supposed to be immortals.

via The Telegraph

Ano ba naman ‘yung hanggang tao na baha, diba? Maliit na bagay! *cries in Tagalog*


21. Realizing there’s no “Undo” in real life

via Tumblr

Kahit “Refresh” or “Reload” na lang pls.


22. Finishing a TV series you’ve waited for so long and realizing there’s nothing left for you to watch.

via Tumblr

You’d have to wait for months or years for the next season!


23. When you’re working on your thesis and you’re not sure if you saved the file before Microsoft Word crashed.

via YouTube / Star Cinema

*Starting Over Again plays in the background*


24. Going outside at night and knowing you suddenly might end up dead.

You know the drill.

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