Passenger regrets thinking that his Muslim Grab driver was “terrifying” after hearing his story

It’s in times like this that we should realize that a person’s name or religion, shouldn’t define his whole being.

Facebook user Yan Mercado turned to Facebook to share his encounter with a Muslim Grab driver, who, in his words, was “nakakatakot.”

NAKAKATAKOT!Nung nakita ko pa lang yung pangalan niya NATAKOT na agad ako, honestly sobrang natakot talaga ako, una pa…

Yan Mercado 发布于 2017年8月10日

According to Mercado’s post, he got scared when he saw his driver’s name, Abdul Samad Barodi Daurong,, after he booked a shared ride on the carpooling service app. And though he did not mention why he instantly thought that the guy was probably a dangerous man, it’s clear that it’s because of the term that we so often relate to Muslims — terrorism.

Throughout the ride, he was very wary about the driver’s actions and was observing almost every detail of the car. When the driver stopped for a while to pick up another passenger, Mercado noticed that the supposed rider quickly cancelled his/her booking and saw the disappointment on his driver’s face.

The driver then shared that it wasn’t the first time that a passenger cancelled his/her trip on him. In fact, it actually happens a lot. The driver recalled how he would go the extra mile just to pick up a passenger, only to get cancelled when he’s almost near the location.

Mercado instantly regretted everything he thought about Daurong. He felt guilty for judging him too quickly when all he knew about him was his name.

A lot of people, mostly Muslims, commended Mercado for admitting that he was wrong for what he thought about his Muslim driver. And also, for encouraging others not to think the same way he did at first. Mercado’s post which went viral on Facebook reached Daurong, who was thankful for sharing his story.

Ito na po si Kuya Driver Abdul, sa mga gusto po na magcontact sa kanya, ang bait niya 😍Hinusgahan ako ng marami dahil…

Yan Mercado 发布于 2017年8月12日

More than the labels that most of us know them for, what we don’t recognize sometimes is that they are victims too. Victims of the never-ending war and the consequences of their Muslim brothers’ actions. Victims of the discrimination they get everyday when all they wanted was to make a living just like the rest of us.

His encounter with Daurong shows how Muslims are greatly affected by the negative stereotypes and connotations towards them. The general population of Muslims have carried the burden of being branded as “terrorists” and the society’s judgment towards them are even making it worse for their daily lives.

As fear-mongering and terrorism try to divide us and turn us against each other, people like Abdul Samad Barodi Daurong hopes for a future where we respect each other despite our differences. Because terrorism knows no face, no race, no name, and no religion.

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