Noel Cabangon’s “Kahit Kailan” duet with KZ Tandingan

Noel releases his new album “Byahe Pa Rin,”  a follow-up to the very successful “Byahe” album series. The third installment features Noel’s renditions of some of the most loved OPM hits, originally performed by Up Dharma Down (“Tadhana”), South Border (“Kahit Kailan”), Eraserheads (“With A Smile”), Yeng Constantino (“Ikaw”), Ogie Alcasid (“Sa Kanya”) and many more!

His previous albums Byahe (2009) and Tuloy Ang Byahe (2012), aside from receiving critical acclaims, were awarded multi-platinum record awards.

“Byahe Pa Rin”‘s  current carrier single “Tadhana,” a rendition of Up Dharma Down’s hit, has been enjoying good airplay on radio and is the love theme of GMA’s Korean drama “Innocent Defendant.” His follow-up single is a soulful rendition of South Border’s “Kahit Kailan” featuring the Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan.

The successes of Noel, however, did not come overnight. Before becoming one of the most bankable OPM icons, he started his professional singing career more than three decades ago in little known folk houses, bars and underground watering holes, where he slowly but steadily made a name for himself. Noel then was tapped to be a part of the group Buklod, which released three albums oriented toward social, political and cultural issues. He then pursued a solo singing career and released albums for independent labels like Jesuit Music Ministry and Ballyhoo Records before joining Universal Records in 2009 for the Byahe album.