With only less than five months, 2017 is still serving us with “extreme” fashion trends that will make you shake your damn head and say “NOPE.” It has introduced us to some of the craziest fashion items that will make you question everything—from detachable cut-out jeans to Trump bikinis.

Now, there’s a roller skate stiletto from notable luxury fashion brand Saint Laurent because people need to step up their fashion game with a little bit of challenge and danger.


Surprisingly, some are finding this as something they’d actually want in their shoe wardrobe.


But for others who can’t even wear heels or roller skate without tripping, the question is HOW???


Saint Laurent probably thought that wearing the usual stilettos and roller skates are too mainstream, so now they gave us these pair of glamorous heels that will probably roll us down to emergency room… or to our death.


It’s like tripping or rolling down to your death with style!

via Perez Hilton / ohmagif.com
via Vogue


For those “athletic people” who deserves an olympic award for running in heels, this is nothing but just an exercise to keep them on top of their game.

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Seriously, we really can’t catch a break with these extreme fashion trends!