This doggo rescuing a drowning baby deer proves that dogs are “such good boys”

The golden retriever named Storm proved to his owner that he’s a good boy when he swam across the sea to rescue a drowning baby deer.

Storm and his human Mark Freely, were just taking a walk when they saw a drowning animal in the sea who turned out to be a baby deer. According to CBS’ report, Storm swam towards the fawn without hesitation and rushed to get it back to the shore.

What a morning…can't believe this…Storm just saved this baby deer from PJ Harbor…

Mark Freeley 发布于 2017年7月16日

“Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore,” Mark Freeley told CBS.

When they reached the shore, Storm kept nudging the fawn to make sure it’s still alive.

Freely immediately called for help and the representatives from Strong Island Animal Rescue League came to attend to the poor animal. But things got difficult for the rescuers when the “completely disoriented” baby deer ran into the water and drowned again.

The deer looks OK !

Mark Freeley 发布于 2017年7月16日

Rescuers teamed up to save the baby deer again and bring it back to shore.

via Strong Island Animal Rescue League

Now, bambi is safe and sound thanks to Storm and the rescue team!

We are beyond grateful here at Strong Island for all of the positive feedback and support we have received since our…

Strong Island Animal Rescue League 发布于 2017年7月17日