There’s a “Nap Bar” in Spain and it’s where dreams are made of

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Napping is considered a luxury for some people who can’t find the time to doze off in the middle of the day. While some are lucky enough to have the “talent” to sleep whenever and wherever they can, most people find it difficult to get even a few minutes’ worth of winks if conditions aren’t perfect. For people who can’t get enough sleep, want to lie down for a bit, or just simply chill—there are now “nap bars” that offer a place to rest and relax for a while.

Shared rooms | via Siesta&Go Facebook Page

Siesta&Go, a newly opened nap bar in Madrid, Spain, opens its doors to people who are “…busy, working locals, travelers alike,” says Business Insider. People can either pre-book or just walk in to take a siesta on one of the 19 beds available.

Armchairs at Siesta&Go lounge | via Siesta&Go Facebook Page

In addition, those who want to utilize their time productively can make use of the work spaces provided, complete with internet access. They can also relax and read a book in peace on lounge chairs during their free time.

Private room | via Siesta&Go Facebook Page

The nap bar offers shared and private rooms where people can even do yoga. Coffee, newspapers, slippers, nightshirts, chargers, and tablets are also provided. And if you’re worried about the place not being sanitary, Siesta&Go gets professionally cleaned daily, and the bed sheets, blankets, and clothing provided are single-use.

via Siesta&Go Facebook Page

Siesta&Go may be the first nap bar in Spain but the concept of public napping spaces has been around in other countries for quite some time. Even here in the Philippines, there’s a cafe in Quezon City where you can sleep and shower—perfect for students studying nearby who needs a place to crash while doing their thesis.


So say yes to more napping!

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