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Submitted by: Vianca Antonette Catibog

“HUGOT” Do you mean you want to pull something out or you just want to get that heavy feeling off of your chest? Well, HUGOT becomes a mainstream term in today’s generation and often used by most of us (millennials) to express what we feel. We say these hugots spontaneously and often associate it with almost everything, everyday; even on your favorite songs, right? As the saying goes, “Music speaks when words can’t express your feelings” that is why we give you these “HUGOT” indie song lyrics that you can relate to.


ayoko na kasi ng gulo
masayang masaya ka na
‘di na kailangan magka eksena
‘di na babalik ang pagtingin
‘di nagwawala ang damdamin

This is just the perfect song for your “feels and “hugots” in love. This song is dedicated for those who are probably hoping for a “second chance” on their previous relationship but instead, chose to let go because they realized that it is not possible anymore and that the one they love is in love with someone else.


Kung kinabukasa’y matutunan kong umiwas,
matitiyak ko ba na mabigyan ako ng lunas
sa mga sakit na dulot ng
iyong ‘di paglingon,
iyong ‘di pagtanaw,
iyong ‘di pagtugon?

These lines were just too painful, which is indeed right to be included on your “Hugot” playlist. This song written by Juan Miguel Severo who was also became known because of his spoken word poems is made for people who wants to move on and forget the pain of unrequited love. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not easy to move on from that someone who’s never been yours in the first place.


Ikaw, ako, tayo
Ay bunga ng kahapon
Ilang taon na ang lumipas
May kapit pa ba ang ating dating samahan?
Alam kong kanya-kanya na tayo
Sa araw na ‘to muli nating balikan

Feel of missing the “good old days”? You better listen to this song because it will give you all the nostalgic feels and it will make you want to experience those good old times again.


Sana’y di nasilayan
Sana’y di na hinayaan
Sana’y di lang nalaman
Ang lihim na katotohanan

As you go through the lyrics, you can feel all the pain and surely you can relate, right in the feels. There are times when you can only show your love to someone by letting them go because sometimes, the right thing to do is usually the hardest.


Lumayo man ako
Ika’y lumalapit
Nanunumbalik pagmamahal sa’kin
Di ka nagbabago oohh…
Kahit paulit-ulit lang naman ako

This song is about God’s love and their live testimonies.. This would be perfect for those who are once lost but now found their purpose in life.


Noo’y umasang walang iwanan
Ngayo’y di na kaya pang panindigan
Ang mga salitang binitawan
Paano nang pagmamahalan?
Ito na nga ba ang ating hantungan?

Do you have any wishes that you whispered in the air because you’re too afraid to tell it to someone or maybe one of those who believe that you two will end up together? Well, this song is dedicated for you and definitely, will be added on your favorite hugot songs.


sana turuan mo akong limutin ka
bago pa sa isip ko
kahit sabihin man nila’y wala na rin
wala na ring patutunguhan

Have you been into a point where you still love someone even if they are not already yours and all you can do is to wish for that day where you can finally say that you have “moved on” from that painful situation? You better add this song and listen to it right away to let all your feels go.


Ginawa ko na ang lahat
Di pa din sapat kasi ika’y mawawala na.
Nawalan ng gana ang tadhana.
Nanlalamig ‘yong dating nagbabaga.
Kung maibabalik lang sana.

Do you ever experience that feeling when destiny is not going your way and that the one you love is slowly slipping away? You should listen to this song because it will give you all the feels and the pain of being in love. You’ll surely add this to one of your fave hugot songs in your playlist.

Each of us has a story to tell. When you still haven’t found the guts to share it, you sometimes let songs do the talking. So, which of these songs define your story?