Woman threatened a fast food worker with a gun after not getting enough chicken nuggets

If you’re an avid fan of chicken nuggets, and you treat it as if it’s a god-given treasure, you’ll surely be pissed if you’re given less chicken nuggets than what you ordered.

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A 19-year-old woman in Pierce County, Washington takes “chicken nuggets is life” way too real when she pulled out a gun on a fast-food worker after seeing that she didn’t get enough chicken nuggets on her drive-thru order.

According to Lad Bible, a car pulled up to the drive-thru window of fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box. The driver, along with one passenger, were already complaining for being made to wait for their food. She went on to tell the drive-thru attendant that they forgot her drink, and that she wasn’t given enough chicken nuggets.

After getting her drink, the driver complained that there was something in it and threw it at the employee. When the employee closed the window, the driver and her female passenger hopped out of the car and began punching the drive-thru window—screaming and cursing at the employee.

The driver then pointed a gun at the employees of the restaurant who all ran from the window and ducked to hide. After tracing the plate number of the vehicle, cops were able to track down the teenager and arrested her for three counts of assault in the first degree.


Oh, the things some people do for chicken nuggets.

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