There’s a hilarious conspiracy theory saying that Sharon Cuneta is the new ‘Avatar’

Recently, a lot of celebrities have been the subject of online conspiracy theories that might confuse the hell out of some, but just plain hilarious for most people.


People made things so complicated when they speculated that Avril Lavigne is actually dead and was just replaced by a clone called “Melissa.” Jolina Magdangal, now best known as “Jolegend Slaydangal,” was also said to be the inspiration of Lady Gaga.

And the latest subject to this trend? Sharon Cuneta a.k.a “Ate Shawie” as the new “Avatar.”

A viral conspiracy theory thread made by Melvin Tordecilla shows “evidences” to prove that Ate Shawie is the new Avatar. According to Melvin, a GIF of Sharon by Vicente Morano circulating online made him decide to create the conspiracy theory, and to look for more videos of Ate Shawie.

He showed instances before where Ate Shawie seemed to posses air, earth, water, and firebending powers.

But what made her special is that she mastered something that no one can: Star bending! After all, she’s not called “Megastar” for nothing.

Hell, she can even fly and fight like a warrior!

Here’s Ate Shawie with all the other Avatars before her:

Dante Layante got inspired by Melvin’s tweets and decided to make a video out of it. Now we have ourselves an “Avatar: The Legend of Ate Shawie.”


Oh the things we create when we have too much time on our hands!


Keep being so productive, internet!