Marikina City supports Metro Manila Pride March

Marikina City will hold the 2017 Metro Manila Pride March and the local officials have shown their enthusiasm and support not only to the organisers but also to the entire spectrum of LGBTQ+.

Below are their statement of support.

Dra. Honnielyn Fernando
Assistant Health Officer, Marikina City Health Office
1. Why is Marikina a partner for this year’s pride march?
“Because I support the Pride March. Sa aking point of view I support them. I love the community.”
2. Are there any similar projects or events for the LGBTQ+ community in the previous years?
“Actually diba yung first naming pride march last year is December with LGBTQs and kung makikita n’yo naman kung may video lang kami dun kita mo and support ng city.
[Apart from the Pride March] marami pa kami n’yan. Marami dito, very active ang gay community dito. Meron kaming Miss Gay, Barangay Sagala, Santacruzan, etc. Marami per barangay.”
3. What is your message to the LGBTQ+ community?
“Go for it. Ibig sabihin, okay show them kung ano talaga kayo and rest assured I will support you 1000%.”

Charles Cruz
Marikina – Public Information Office
1. What is your message to the LGBTQ+ community?
“Continue doing what you think is right. I know most of you are being persecuted in today’s society. It’s understandable considering that Philippines is a religious country but continue doing what is right to promote gender equality and gender sensitivity as well and to revolutionize the caste of the society. Always remain being proud and just be yourself. That’s really what it takes to live a very good life in this world.”

Mayor Marcelino “Marcy” Teodoro Marikina City Mayor
1. Why is Marikina a partner for this year’s pride march?
“We believe in equality. Hindi tolerance eh, it’s living together – people living together. We recognize the fact that people have different orientations in life, different lifestyles, different beliefs. We are not created the same but we are created equal. [Marikina City is a partner] because of that belief.
One of the ways we show our concrete support is through mainstreaming and institutionalizing the gender and development (GAD) programs in the city. In 2015, Marikina gas created its own GAD Code which is designed to protect and support the welfare of different genders in Marikina. It aims to eliminate gender biases that hinder their growth and development and make them productive allies of the society.

Marikina also formed our own GAD Management Committee which meets monthly (every last Monday of the month).
2. What is your message to the LGBTQ+ community?
“That’s our nature. We promote our inherent value as human beings. We are differently-abled but the fact still remains that we could work together for our community and for each and everyone’s development of ourselves. We want Marikina to be a community where you can fully develop your potentials. We avoid and we do not promote stereotyping in Marikina so that’s our message. And as such, dapat ganun tayong lahat – in everything we do.”

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