Dad’s Lunch Note To His Daughter Will Turn You Into A Mush Ball Of Feelings

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“It’s time baby girl.” — who knew that this four-letter sentence will bring tsunami of tears on Twitter?

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Meet Meg Sullivan of Washington, the girl who broke the silence on Twitter with her 111, 000 Retweets and 498, 000 likes (and still counting) tweet about her dad’s note on her last day in high school.

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Tom, Meg’s father, prepares her lunch and peels the oranges every time she goes to school since she was a little girl and continued to do so through high school. But when it’s her last day as a high school student, Meg was shocked because what she saw was an unpeeled oranges and a printed wikiHow instructions on how to peel them herself that made our fragile hearts crushed into pieces. *pouts*

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“I thought it was just going to be a letter saying ‘Happy last day of school!’ or something, so when I opened it I couldn’t help but smile,” Meg said.


Meg said that it is not that she doesn’t know how to peel an orange, it is Tom who insisted to do that sweet dad attributes to her.

After she tweeted this, tweeps on Twitter all turned into an emotional mess.

And someone got her mascara messed up!

Okay, someone is really crying…

Tom must be incredibly proud of Meg as she find her footing in the world but we’re sure they will definitely miss each other an adorable story right before the Father’s Day!