Macho guys are symbols of fitness and indeed even of sexiness. They represent most of our favorite action heroes like Superman, Aquaman, Thor, Ironman, Incredible Hulk and we often define their strength or superpowers with their washboard abs, tall and statuesque height, the deep and full voice sound, and their sleek hairstyles – the idea of perfection.

Rendon is not a superhero but he surely fits those descriptions who stands 6’3” tall, toned and sexy with good looks. He is the eldest among six children of PSSUPT Manolito C. Labador CEO VI. This cosmopolitan fitness trainer is trained and disciplined just like a soldier however he found his passion not in waging wars but of the battle to health and fitness.

Rendon Labador

Rendon is an alumnus of University of the East who took Information Technology and further continued to Civil Engineering. He admitted that he is indeed a geek as Calculus is his favorite subject. Perhaps this was the key of monitoring and counting his gym routines, calories intake, without skips or cheats.

With his physical looks, he is indeed one of the regular brand ambassadors of health and wellness and something more interesting about him is his creativity. Now nearly reaching a million followers in Facebook (Rendon Labador 24/7 Fitness) plus more on his Instagram @rendonlabadorfitness his fans are getting direct information with creative execution in his videos. Admittedly his looks are big takeaways, but the humor and the “bro” attitude sets him apart from other hunk idols.

His path towards fitness didn’t come easy, there was a time that his parents didn’t initially agree that fitness coaching could be a profession. Nevertheless, he showed his passion by setting up his own gym and even coming to Manila and be one of the most sought fitness coaches today.  Dr. Em Sevilla of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics chose him as an ambassador for the simple reason that he exemplifies masculinity with healthy lifestyle. He shows that being a man could come clean from vices and remain a true gentleman. Coach Edwin Binoya, a Certified Fitness Trainer supports the idea that Rendon possesses the remarkable stamina, diligence and discipline that could even set Filipinos as one of respected bodybuilders worldwide.

Rendon is even dubbed as the Millennial Adonis due to his demigod features and prince charming attitude with very engaging online profiles. Perhaps a good question now is that, is he single? Would you believe that this hottie was dumped by his longtime girlfriend? Yes and that was his motivation where he earned his confidence and further understood one important lesson that beauty is after all just physical and what is more important is how you show genuineness to anyone and it all starts by taking care of yourself.

More than just a fitness coach, he understands the struggles of being out of shape. Initially people would admire their physique, but once you understood that fitness is bigger than looks but of better lifestyle. Being a true friend, you have to encourage them to a healthier journey, the better version of themselves.

Come day time of April 28-29, 2017, Rendon Labador will be having his first ever exciting fitness competition that features a lot of games that exhibits stamina, physique and sportsmanship among tourists in the whole island of Boracay. To join please contact this number Tel. 09173450895

This event is supported by the Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board, Philippine Airlines, Old Spice, Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa, Metropolitan Medical Center, Python Energy Drink, Ultimate Nutrition Philippines and Mutant Supplements.