ArtFair to Remember 2017

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Have you ever dreamt of learning to portrait your loved ones using Oil Paint? Have you ever thought of joining and be counted in the largest gathering of the artists in the country? Are you excited to witness the most exciting Art event ever?

ArtFair to Remember 2017 is the ultimate portrait workshop of the year and the largest gathering of artists in the country. In this art event, attendees will learn Sketching, Drawing, Oil Painting Realistic Portrait. Simultaneously, there are breakaway groups teaching and giving demos on Photography, Digital Arts and Fashion Illustration.

There will also be Fashion Runway (GK’s Version of Victoria’s Secret) featuring the latest collection of GK Fashion Designers. Some attendees may join the On-The-Spot Sketching of live models and get a chance to win P10,000 worth of Art Materials and Art Workshop Vouchers.

For the most-awaited Realistic Portrait workshop, Prof. Allen Antiquenos, multi-awarded Oil Paint Maestro, will share with you his techniques in photorealism.

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How about if you have some artworks you want to sell? There are booths dedicated to budding and even seasoned artists who want to sell their arts. “Sell Your Artworks” gives you the chance to meet new collectors, other artists and gallery owners all in one place.

Not only that, how about your summer treat for kids and teens who loves art? Some exciting art crafts are waiting for them at the event.

Art materials? Freebies? Give-aways? Art-related items for sale? Find them at ArtFair To Remember 2017. These and many more will surely satisfy the artist in you.

BONUS!! Watch the Silent Sanctuary Band Live! To join, txt ARTBER, NAME, EMAIL, MOBILE and send to 0916-2921470. We will send you the Registration Form and Payment Details. Seats are confirmed only upon full payment.

For details, call 721-4380 / 657-3091 / 0916-2921470.